Product Structure

Your Hotel™ Worldwide has a fee and product package structure that will suit the individual needs and requirements of your hotel, whether it will be our Unlimited Distribution model, or the inclusion of other added value services such as Sales, Marketing, Loyalty Program, Revenue Management and overall Brand Participation.

Select one of below options to benefit and drive incremental revenue streams and loyalty to your hotel by joining forces with us.

Product solution A

 • CRS (Central Reservation System) incl GDS (Global Distribution System) and online sales channel connectivity

 •Booking Engine


Product Solution B

 •Product Solution A

 •Unlimited Distribution management dashboard

 •Channel management across 5 sales websites


Product Solution C

 •Product Solution B

 •Channel management across 10 sales websites

 •Pricing reports & competitor analysis on-demand (5 websites/ hotels)

  • Loyalty Program participation

Product Solution D

 •Product Solution C

 •Channel management for unlimited sales websites

 •Allocation management to automate inventory distribution

  • Participation in the Brand
    • Website
    • Brand campaigns
    • Small Medium Business Program
    • Partner Campaigns

Additional products

 •Online guest review management solution to manage guest feedback

 •RFP (Request for Proposal) Product

 •Automated pricing strategy technology

Pricing on each package is individual.

If you are interested in a membership or would like to receive more information about Your Hotel™ Worldwide simply fill in our on-line membership information request form or contact the respective person in charge for your country.